40/30/20/17/15/12/10 meter band  RTTY - SSB- CW
















Hexbeam on the beach of Grand Popo , Benin



30 meter vertical hanging on a palm three



Hexbeam 50 meter from the beach


Lodge with my TY1TT radio shack. And 30m vertical in front



Assembling the antenna





Working 12m RTTY:






hexbeam in front of the radio shack lodge..


View for me during operating:








My girlfriend Cendy, in front of our Lodge and radio shack.














Managing a dxpedition to Benin is a very expensive business.

Especially for the extra-baggage costs, extra traveling coast from Togo to Benin and back to obatin the license, searching for a suitable  and antenna friendly qth. 

Every single donation permits to carry a better setup. 

Please feel free, but think about support the effort !

















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